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Services Provided

I have a wide range of senior management experience and expertise in local authorities, children’s services and schools. 

Services I provide include:

Local authority school improvement senior interim management

Providing senior management capacity and expertise to local authority school improvement services. Example of outputs include: establishing a clear rationale for the promotion of Academies and Free Schools; design and configuration of LA structures and processes, delivering and commissioning core and traded services; effective systems for providing appropriate challenge and  intervention to raise standards in schools; fulfilling responsibilities for pupil place planning. 

Children’s services interim management

Providing interim management to ensure coherent joined-up children’s services. Examples of outputs: establishing integrated approaches to leadership and management across social care, health and education using a common skills matrix; enhancing core functions for data and intelligence analysis; improving structures and support for employability and skills pathways.  

Professional development consultancy

Providing high quality, world-class professional development and leadership development programmes for schools. Examples of outputs: mentoring and coaching consultancy; personal business coach provision; middle and senior management training; professional development through national and international opportunities and networking; provision of thinking and listening skills programmes; effective self-evaluation.  

Developing schools of the future

Providing consultancy on the development of new schools and on how all schools can develop transformation approaches. Leading the educational transformation of all schools in the Building Schools for the Future, Primary Capital Programme and Academy developments. Examples of outputs:  Establishing development plans to ensure creative use of spaces to improve teaching and learning; application of range of transformation mapping tools; development of change management programmes. 

Improvement through enquiry, research and evidenced-based approaches

Promoting school enquiry and research; developing practitioner research; research mentoring; development of school research communities; supporting and managing school to school networks; establishing school/higher education partnerships. Example of outputs include: establishing research engaged schools; research based consortia; Improved teaching and learning; research networks; enhanced school self-evaluation; student researchers.

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