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About Me

I specialise in interim management for medium to large organisations, including local authorities and universities, to help implement complex business critical change in cost effective, tight timescales. Services also include professional development consultancy for schools and consortia to bring about school improvement, transformation and raised standards.

International experience

I have a wide range of international experience, including establishing an extensive teacher training programme for Jiangsu Province, China and delivering many international papers and symposia on leadership, school improvement and practitioner research in the United States, Spain, Slovenia, Austria, Canada, the UAE and China. I have worked with a range of universities across the UK and internationally and have done school improvement and inspection work in the UAE. In 2002 I founded the Forum for Learning and Research Enquiry (FLARE) which promotes enquiry and research in schools. This pioneered the concept of the Research Engaged School which has gained international attention. I am an active member of many international networks including the Learning Teacher Network and the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement.

Professional development

I have led and delivered consultancy and training to numerous local authorities, schools, and school clusters, including being the facilitator for the National College to four LAs. I have been a member of the Government Thinking Skills Strategy Group; Professional Development Board; and the working group on local authorities’ contribution to school improvement. I have worked extensively with the National College, the TDA and the GTC on, for example, the selection board for the Teachers Research Panel; the Best Practice Research Assessment Panel and the panel assessing bids for the evaluation of the research-based consortia initiative. Currently I am part of the national Practitioner Use of Research Review Group and the Faiths Schools Summit group convened by the Secretary of State.


This has included being editor of Professional Development Today, and a member of the editorial board of Teaching Thinking & Creativity magazine and the NFER Practical Research in Education publication. I am regarded as a leading authority on professional development and have written extensively, with recent publications including Teaching Children 3 to 11 (co-edited with Anne Cockburn), Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders; Preparing Schools of the Future; Making Every Child Matters a Reality; and Meaningful Self-Evaluation.

Contribution to wider society      

This has included being chair of a primary school governing body for over 10 years; a member of the Farthing Community & Occupational Centre for the Unemployed governing body; Patron of the Chelmsford Homeless Emergency Night Shelter Service (CHESS); President of the Chelmsford and District Free Church Federal Council. Elder of the United Reform Church for 30 years; a chair of schools governors for 10 years; member of the samaritans for 25 years and lifetime honorary member; member of the national Free Churches Education Committee and the Churches Joint Education Policy Committee. 


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